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the form for builder (keeg32)

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What's your name?
How old are you?
11 (i know.. im really young XD)
What country are you originally from?
Why do you want to be builder?
I want to be a builder so that i could help improve the server and put my skills to use!
What makes you eligible for builder?
I have experience with being a builder in a server i worked in but sadly it got shut down due to lack of players
Do you have a skype or discord?
Yes i have discord
How many years have you played minecraft?
Since 2014 so about… 4 years
How many hours will you be on every week?
I probably will be on for a hour each day sometimes longer
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
I am quite good with redstone as well as world edit but generic building i can also do quite well
NOTE: Please attach some screenshots of YOUR builds. If we find your build on the internet that's not linked to you, you will be banned eternally.

im sorry to say but i am having trouble loading my creations as a picture onto here i however could possibly do a live build infront of some higher rankings as they watch me build whatever they want me to try and then judge me on it hope thats possible!
Posted Jan 3, 18 · OP
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Sorry for the extremely late reply, apparently no one uses forums anymore and I've been really inactive :(
On the other hand, this is what I'm thinking of your application:
-State the IP of servers that you've worked on.
-State your discord ign in order for us to contact you
-If you decide to do a live build, you will need to screenshare to make sure that you aren't using any mods that allow you to "cheat" such as Schematica.
-Correct your grammar
-State what type of building you would be good at

For a young person, this application isn't that bad. You're off to a good start.
Happy New Years!
-Mineqaft (StaffManager/Admin)
Posted Wed at 10:48 pm
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Edit: You can still use my tips, but I'm no longer staff manager or admin :/
Posted Wed at 10:57 pm
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