Season 3 Newsletter || 2/19/20

Delta Newsletter for February 19th, 2020.

Date: April 20th, 2020

Author: Lotus

| PREFACE  ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello, SpaceDeltans! Welcome back to another season of Factions Earth!

During our two recent beta sessions, we got hundreds of suggestions and reports from you guys. Since then, our admin team has been working tirelessly to look through your feedback and implement your great ideas. The rest of this newsletter will detail what we've changed since Season 2, some backend/team changes, and some cool community activities for you guys.

Let's get into things!

| SEASON 3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Here's what you need to know about starting Season 3 of Factions Earth! Check what these numbers mean in your timezone here.

Release Time:

22 February 2020, 1PM EST

Season Length:

4 Weeks

Total Payout:

$1,000 USD + $1,000 BuyCraft


3 (Asia, Antarctica, Africa)

Do note that grace period will last ONE WEEK and wilderness flight will disabled for ONE HOUR from SOTW.

For more information, please visit our Discord here!

Our new spawn!

| CHANGELOG 3.1  ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Here are the significant updates and changes we've made since Season 2:

  • Our Factions Rules have been completely rehauled to better encompass competitive gameplay. Please familiarize yourself with them here!
  • Factions Roster Rewards are now available! Earn up to $300 BuyCraft just by playing -- learn more on our Discord!
  • New worlds! With the introduction of our continents: Asia, Africa and Antarctica, there are now 12 corners in total to claim as your own.
  • New spawn! The survivor camp has moved to a sprawling ruined city, with new places to explore and NPCs to talk to.
  • Outposts! There's now one outpost on every continent, granting bonuses in sell prices, damage and exp when captured by your faction.
  • Missions! You can now do /missions to complete three daily tasks, for awesome rewards.
  • Printer! Our new /printer takes the "bitch" out of "base-bitching" by allowing creative free-build while in printer mode.
  • Species! Zaiyous have long dominated the battlefield due to the Hemorrhage ability. We've since swapped it out for something a little more utility-based, so that Zaiyou players are a little more fun to take on.
  • Superflat! Some of you have found the hilly terrain of Earth a little hard to navigate... we hear you! Most of Earth's continents are now much flatter and easier to travel on.
  • Kits have been updated to better encompass competitive gameplay.
  • Crates have been updated to better encompass competitive gameplay.
  • Envoy prizes have been updated to better encompass competitive gameplay.
  • All reported bugs (that are not intended features) during beta have been fixed.

Information on all of our features, new and old, can be found in our comprehensive guide here.

| NEW STAFF  ----------------------------------------------------------------------

With the start of this new season, we'll be looking to expanding our team of moderation/administrative staff so that we can put more of a collective focus on content and event development. As such, we encourage everyone to apply here after reading through our Staff Application Information thread.

To start off this recruitment campaign, I'd like to welcome SpaceFreak127, an active player with great ideas, to our team as a Helper. Congratulations!

| VOTE REWARDS  ----------------------------------------------------------------------

In 2.0, we mentioned the beginning of Vote Top rewards. This was, unfortunately, discontinued temporarily due to the server being taken down for 3.0 and beta in December. As such, we'd like to resume the practice this season, starting by giving our November top voters their rewards.

#1 | SpaceFreak127 | 48 Votes | $25 BuyCraft

#2 | butifulprinses13 | 26 Votes | $20 BuyCraft

#3 | HeyViolet_ | 18  Votes | $15 BuyCraft

#4 | nxrd | 16 Votes | $10 BuyCraft

#5 | Hunnibunny | 15 Votes | $5 BuyCraft

To claim your reward, please PM me on the forums or on Discord (Annie#8888) with evidence of said account belonging to you. Remember to keep voting at our Vote Sites to win BuyCraft credit and crates!

| COMMENT REWARDS  ---------------------------------------------------------------

Similarly, we've also mentioned Comment Rewards, in which we choose one random comment on each newsletter to receive a $25 BuyCraft coupon.

The lucky winner this week is our third commenter, TheGreatSmolki.

Please PM me on Discord at Annie#8888, or on the forums, to receive your prize. All you have to do to be entered into the raffle is to make a constructive comment below. Winners will be generated through a random number generator.

| ENDING NOTE  ----------------------------------------------------------------------

If you're an old player, a huge thank you for your continued patience and interest in SpaceDelta; if you're a new one, welcome! Our staff team has been working tirelessly to set up the third season of FactionsEarth, and we can't wait to see the action and adventure of this coming season.

As always, we are hugely receptive to suggestions and feedback, so please don't hesitate to let us know what you want to see on our network. As mentioned above, we'll be putting a focus on pushing out weekly content and regular community events to ensure that there's never a dull moment on Earth.

As always, thanks for reading through this newsletter! See you on the battlefields of Factions Earth!

- Annie, SpaceDelta Manager

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