Role Description:

The one who develops features and fixes bugs with Minecraft plugins as the platform.

Rates begin at $25/h.


  • Develop and implement game features, with your efforts spanning in-game systems and out-of-game features.
  • Follow and/or contribute to best practices, development processes and coding standards.
  • Create feature prototypes quickly for the testing process.
  • Convert existing open-source plugins into those that fit into our systems.
  • Optimize plugins to take less server resources to run, creating a better experience for players.

Required Qualifications:

For all developers, you must have:

  • A strong knowledge of Java + spigot API
  • Excellent communication + great working independently and with a team
  • Humility and professionalism to take accountability/responsibility for your own tasks and actions
  • Good debugging and problem solving skills
  • Strong Git knowledge
  • Exceptional and readable code

For a frontend developer:

  • Solid NMS application knowledge + packet manipulation

For a backend developer:

  • Experience with the following:
  • NoSQL databases (like mongo)
  • RabbitMQ

Desired Qualifications:

  • Familiarity/experience with agile framework
  • (Backend) Experience with Spring framework

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