New Website Changes

New Website Changes

Find out what we have changed on the website recently.

Date: February 2nd, 2023

Author: TK

Hey all! TK here- I’m here to give you a quick update regarding the website. Some of you have been asking me about it in the Discord, so here it is!

Large Changes:

New Applications Page

  • SpaceDelta needs staff and an applications page is necessary for recruitment. Our new applications page contains more than just moderator and a more detailed description of each role. Check it out here!

New Wiki

  • We understand that our network content can be overbearing and confusing. Not only are we trying our best to make the ingame content more intuitive, we are also committing ourselves to making a wiki for easy access information about our network! This change will replace the previous Galaxy site and plans to release close to the actual release of SD.

Smaller Changes:

Revised Rules

  • Some of the rules were inconsistent to the actual server rules and the wording was confusing in certain areas. We have revised the rules to hopefully fix this issue!

New Guide: How to Log On the Server

  • For those who need a little guidance to get on our network. It’ll appear at the bottom of the home page.

Light Themed Shop

  • We’re giving our shop a whole new look with this toggleable theme.

Better performance

  • Although small, the site is significantly better from a technical perspective. Everything loads quicker and opens up a lot of possibilities for the future!

And that’s all of the changes for now. Please enjoy the new updates!

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SpaceDelta, a multi-gamemode network set in the aftermath of an intergalactic war. With exclusive, custom content and immersive lore, our vision seeks to create a fun, well-polished experience for all our thrill-seeking players.

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